Noel Health

Collaborate, Synergize & Personalize

Advanced Healthcare Solutions in India


Noel Health is an emerging Healthcare solutions facilitator in India for Indian patients & Healthcare entities. Globally, there has been a great deal of synchronization in terms of sharing the research findings and reasonable access to finest Healthcare solutions between various stakeholders. At the same time, the right to access and benefit from advanced therapeutic solutions remains a foundational principle, complimenting research developments in Health.

Noel Health provides the necessary framework for individuals and organizations in India to explore opportunities and enable them to significantly enhance their capacity and value proposition.

Comprehensive Approach

Zeal to deliver turn-key solutions with end-to-end support

Global Access

Reliable access to
advanced Healthcare
solutions in India

Patient Centricity

Anchored by patient preferences and clinical recommendations

Ethical & Compliant

Absolute commitment to comply with legal and ethical protocols


Diversified and Divergent, Yet Focused.

When Health Matters, Everything Counts!!

Research Organizations

Playing second fiddle to
the Clinical Research Organizations in India

Drug Sourcing

One stop solution for engaging global sources, procurement and supply

Supply Chain Management

Point to Point delivery solution for multicenter clinical trails

B2B Promotions

Outsourced business solutions within in the research eco system

BA / BE Studies

Managing and coordinating studies at strategic locations

Data Management

Smart tools and solutions for data integration, analysis and adaptation

Technology Applications

Customized web and mobile interface for enhanced research efficiency

Global Innovators

Interfacing Breakthrough
Research Outcomes with Market Access

Opinion mobilization for

latest and promising therapeutic solutions

Speciality distribution and logistics

management processes

Pre launch promotions

and thought leader engagement

Resource development and

marketing management

Scope With noel

Perfect blend of
Clinical Possibilities and Business Solutions

  • Lifesaving Medicines Imported through Managed Access Program
  • Legal Export of Indian Generics through official channels
  • Identity design and branding solutions, exclusively for Healthcare companies.
  • Custom designed communication strategy and interactive tools
  • Key account management and market penetration strategies
  • Planning & Execution of pre-launch and post-launch activities
  • Brand & Business promotions across major digital media platforms
  • Reputation management, user engagement and outreach campaigns

At Noel, We Deliver What we Promise.

Be Assured of Integrity, Accessibility, Reliability & Authenticity

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