Noel Health is an emerging Healthcare solutions facilitator in India for Indian patients & Healthcare entities. Globally, there has been a great deal of synchronization in terms of sharing the research findings and reasonable access to finest Healthcare solutions between various stakeholders. At the same time, the right to access and benefit from advanced therapeutic solutions remains a foundational principle, complimenting research developments in Health.

Noel Health provides the necessary framework for individuals and organizations in India to explore opportunities and enable them to significantly enhance their capacity and value proposition.

Patient Centricity

Anchored by patient preferences and clinical recommendations

Comprehensive Approach

Reliable access to advanced
Healthcare solutions in India

Ethical & Compliant

Zeal to deliver turn-key solutions with end-to-end support


Absolute commitment to comply with legal and ethical protocols



Diversified and Divergent, Yet Focused.
When Health Matters, Everything Counts!!

Our reliable sourcing and supply of Genuine Import Medicines as facilitators in India is trusted by patients and caregivers for authenticity. Noel’s top-notch services in this segment are classified as best-in-class by patients who experienced superior benefits in the past. Lifesaving Medicines that are not available India can be legally imported in stipulated quantities. Trust us for the knowhow and extensively validated processes that will ensure hassle free import of medicines. Europe, USA, UK, Turkey, UAE & Switzerland are our recommended affiliate locations for procurement.
  • Time-tested capabilities
  • Recommended by medical experts
  • Legal compliance & ethical practices
  • Dynamic global network
  • Approachable & service oriented
  • Pan-India delivery services
Senior Consultants and Medical Experts in the fields of Oncology, Haematology and Critical Care have been recommending our services. Noel is considered to be reliable with authentic information, which aids in comprehensive treatment planning. Physicians who treat with curative intent find our approach viable, owing to the unparallel service commitment and uncompromising compliance. While we remain confident about our sourcing and procurement capabilities, we always value physicians’ recommendations. To that effect, our role is precisely that of facilitators who always walk an extra mile to assist physicians in maximizing their therapeutic options.
  • Well crafted patient communication
  • Adherence to statutory norms
  • Proven service compliance
  • Global professional network
  • Consultant level promotions
  • Confidentiality & ethical discourse
Multi-specialty and Super-speciality Hospitals acknowledge our service delivery model, which is driven by consultative approach. By taking all the concerned departments’ preferences into account, Noel designs customized solutions. Such an approach gives enough flexibility and confidence to the Hospital management while outsourcing core processes. We provide complete assistance to Hospitals in procuring medicines, equipments and diagnostic products. Our services are further extended to help the corporate and non-governmental institutions in terms of brand building and reputation management.
  • Third party outsourcing
  • Documentation & process assistance
  • Medical service promotions
  • Global & domestic sourcing
  • Technology interface solutions
  • Patient service management
Pharmaceuticals in India play an exceptional role in affordable drug development. Sourcing of Referenced Listed Drugs and raw material remains a key aspect of it. Noel plays a pivotal role in assisting Indian Pharma companies with timely procurement. Cost optimization is the key differentiator to count on. We also extend our services to multinational companies operating in India. Key processes like global logistics management and domestic clearances may be securely outsourced to our team. In the same breath, we are an effective contract sales organization too.
  • RLD Sourcing & Procurement
  • Outsourced drug manufacturing
  • Brand property & digital services
  • Contract Sales Organization (CSO)
  • Marketing communications management
  • Distribution process outsourcing

RESEARCH Organizations

Playing second fiddle to the Clinical Research Organizations in India


One stop solution for engaging global sources, procurement and supply


Point to Point delivery solution for multicenter clinical trails


Outsourced business solutions within in the research eco  system


Managing and coordinating studies at strategic locations


Smart tools and solutions for data integration, analysis and adaptation


Customized web and mobile interface for enhanced research efficiency


Engagement specifics

Opinion mobilization for latest and promising therapeutic solutions

Speciality distribution and logistics management processes

Pre launch promotions and thought leader engagement

Resource development and marketing management


Perfect blend of Clinical Possibilities and Business Solutions.

Import & Export Medicines

  • Lifesaving Medicines Imported through Managed Access Program
  • Legal Export of Indian Generics through official channels

Brand Consulting & Promotions

  • Identity design and branding solutions, exclusively for Healthcare companies
  • Identity design and branding solutions, exclusively for Healthcare companies
    Custom designed communication strategy and interactive tools

Marketing Management

  • Key account management and market penetration strategies
  • Planning & Execution of pre-launch and post-launch activities

Digital Media Solutions

  • Brand & Business promotions across major digital media platforms
  • Reputation management, user engagement and outreach campaigns

At Noel, We Deliver What We Promise.

Be Assured of Integrity, Accessibility, Reliability & Authenticity